About Us

- Our Mission -

We at Anarchy eSports hope to bring the true community back to the eSports and Gaming communities. Long have the days of public servers and community organizations been gone, but through this podcast and other offerings, we hope to bring those days back. Whether you are a PC Gamer, Console Gamer, or even a tabletop gamer. The Anarchy Gaming Community is here for you! Our goal is to unite all gamers under one common goal. That goal is to share, give back, and promote a culture of friendship and understanding in the gaming communities. We hope you will come along with us for this journey and enjoy your stay!

- Your Hosts -

Bryan "NYNEX" Horsey

Bryan is the O.G. of the group. Having been gaming since the early 90's he is very familiar with where things used to be and where they are headed in regards to gaming and gaming culture. Having played semi-professionally in the Counter-Strike scene early on in the days of CAL and CGS, he brings a unique perspective to the current state of affairs of the gaming culture and community. The original founder of High Expectations Gaming and now Anarchy eSports. Bryan hopes to help bring the good old days of communal gaming back to the mainstream.


Co-Founder & Community Manager
Jack "Dad Toast" Slater

Jack has been gaming for 13 years. He’s played an assortment of all games and found his love for FPS games through Counter Strike Source. He currently is playing PS4 and is playing through a variety of titles. When he is not gaming, he is spending time with his wife and kids.


Podcast Host & Stream/Social Manager
Tom "PippenPrime" Peters

Tom is the new kid on the block. Using his streaming career to help spearhead and springboard the Anarchy Vision!

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